Lazy Days of Summer

Wow, time has really gotten away from me and my blogging time has been replaced with many hours at the pool, visits with family,  fun day trips, and hot afternoons spent reading stacks of books....all good stuff, but I have missed writing and hope to do so on a more regular basis.
The kids are all growing so fast and changing everyday.  I can't believe how mature AC and B have become over the summer...8 years old is a good time for them and I love watching them develop these older personalities.  The little girls are embracing their almost 2 years- lots of talking, curiosity, silliness, and tantrums!
This summer has also been a season of changes and decision making on other fronts.  We have put our house on the market and plan to move back to Chattanooga!  We are very excited to be closer to our families and old friends, but we are sad to leave dear friends we have made over the past few years.
After lots and lots of praying and debating, we have also decided to homeschool next year!  I am so excited and absolutely feel at peace that this is what we are being led to do right now, but I will admit I am also nervous!  So all of you home schoolers, send me all of your best tips and tricks!
Whew!  I guess that's the condensed version of our happenings, so I will close with some pictures and a promise to be back to regular blogging very soon!

the cousins



Happy birthday, Brian and Anna Cate!