How does your garden grow?

After all of the rain we received over the past week, our little garden is growing like crazy!  We took a chance planting a (big for us) vegetable patch this spring since our house is still on the market, but we decided it was worth it since it's a wonderful learning opportunity for the little ones and we love having fresh produce in our back yard.
 What started as two beds, has quickly become one thanks to our crazy melon patch...maybe I should have listened when my dad tried to tell me melons take up a lot of space?
 We have spent hours marveling at these baby watermelons, but really, aren't they adorable? 
The little girls insist on trekking out many times per day to visit "the babies."

Our cucumber plants have quickly scaled the fence and are now using the rose bush as a trellis

We have enjoyed lots of salads from our lettuce and picked the first beans for Saturday's dinner.  Our little bean teepees are holding up well!
I'm not sure if it's me or Reader, but the picture tool is doing weird things...
We do have some very happy news- it looks like our house will be having new owners at the end of the month, so we have been in a packing and house-hunting frenzy.  Though I am not complaining and we will just be happy to be under one roof again, I had forgotten how crazy the moving process is, especially with little people who are not fond of seeing their belongings go into boxes!
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9th Birthday



9 years ago we were given a gift of these 2 and it was the best gift ever.  Never could I have imagined how caring, smart, curious, and unique you each are- it is such a pleasure to be your Mom!

Happy Birthday, B and AC!