Happy Halloween

We actually trick-or-treated last night- was everyone as confused as we were about that? Nevertheless, we had a great time!

Mario with the crazy tummy

Queen Elizabeth

The whole crew...those are the babies in the pea pod costumes!

Lyla James wasn't really a fan of the costume

This picture cracks me up!!

Anna Cate showing Mary Connor her makeup
Sweet pea! Love that little face!


Pumpkin Patch and Acid Reflux

An odd title, I know, but this is our life and we are nothing if not odd sometimes!

Monday we went with the big kid's classes on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. Thankfully Todd was able to come and help out too. It was a bit hectic but we managed.....I did the hayride with the big kids/ Todd stayed with the babies and fed Lyla James then Todd did the corn maze with the big kids/ I stayed with the babies and fed Mary Connor.

After the field trip, we went to the pediatrician's office for Lyla James to be checked out. Her reflux had gotten really bad over the weekend. We are now making her bottles half breast milk, half Nutramigen formula plus a few teaspoons of rice cereal. After almost 2 days of this, she does seem less uncomfortable and she is spitting up less. Hopefully this will do the trick!


This and That

The babies had their 2 month well visit today and their first round of vaccines. They were supposed to get 6, but we split them up so they only had 3 today and they'll get 3 next week. They weren't happy about the shots but now they are sleeping peacefully.

To update their stats:

Lyla James- 10lbs 6oz/ 22 1/4 inches
Mary Connor- 11lbs 7oz/ 22 3/4 inches

In our pediatrician's words, they are both perfect.....we couldn't agree more. The soy formula/ breastmilk combination seems to be working for Lyla James' reflux so we will continue that and Mary Connor is doing great nursing. Lyla James will stay on Zantac for at least another month and then she will hopefully have outgrown her reflux.

I'm so glad it's the weekend! Even though we have had a short week, it's been a busy one.


Fall Break with Multiple Multiples

Last Thursday the kids got out for fall break so we decided to do a weekend trip to Pigeon Forge.
We left early Friday morning and after MANY stops, got to the Knoxville zoo around lunch time.

I remembered, as we sat in traffic for 3 hours, that we had forgotten to bring the pack and play. Luckily these babies are flexible and didn't mind sleeping on a blanket on the floor. They slept all night both nights! Todd and I got a good laugh because if that had happened with Anna Cate and Brian we would have been turning around to go home!

Saturday we went to Dollywood. Todd and the big kids loved riding all the rides. The babies and I basically moved from one bench to the next all throughout the park and answered questions about how one ends up with 2 sets of twins. People are just too funny with the things they say....I am always amazed!
It was a fun and exhausting weekend!


2 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor you are 2 months old today- a day late! We don't go to the doctor's until later this week, so I'll fill in the stats later.

Lyla James- I can't wait to see what you weigh because I know you have grown A LOT! You still need to have a good view of your surroundings. Your favorite place to be is in your bouncy seat on the kitchen counter so you can see everyone. You are also very vocal and quick to let us know when you need something! You have the sweetest pouty lower lip when you cry. You are sleeping great- 8 hrs at night! Your smile and "talking" are precious.

Mary Connor- You have grown a lot too! We all love on your cheeks constantly! You are so content and have this soft little cry to let us know you are hungry- unless you have to wait too long! You love your swing and are particular about which one you like. You are a very happy baby and smile constantly. You and AC seem to have a special bond and you just light up when she talks to you. You love your sleep and usually go about 8 hours at night.

You both are happiest when your big brother and sister give you attention. AC would gladly hold you both for hours while reminding me to change diapers and nurse. Brian, on the other hand, is a little hesitant since Lyla James spit up on him- he says she pukes- very nice.
Just because I wish I could remember these things with AC and B:
-Last night you both slept in your cribs for the first time!
-Y'all are starting to stay awake more between feedings, but still sleep a lot during the day.
- Eating every 2 to 3 hours about 4 oz. per feeding.
- Still love the swings and tummy time on the activity mat. LJ loves the bouncy seat.
- Both of you are trying so hard to roll over, but haven't yet!