This and That

The babies had their 2 month well visit today and their first round of vaccines. They were supposed to get 6, but we split them up so they only had 3 today and they'll get 3 next week. They weren't happy about the shots but now they are sleeping peacefully.

To update their stats:

Lyla James- 10lbs 6oz/ 22 1/4 inches
Mary Connor- 11lbs 7oz/ 22 3/4 inches

In our pediatrician's words, they are both perfect.....we couldn't agree more. The soy formula/ breastmilk combination seems to be working for Lyla James' reflux so we will continue that and Mary Connor is doing great nursing. Lyla James will stay on Zantac for at least another month and then she will hopefully have outgrown her reflux.

I'm so glad it's the weekend! Even though we have had a short week, it's been a busy one.


Eileen said...

We split up the vaccines too! I have found that feeding my twins a bottle while they get their shots/have their blood drawn works really well. They cry for a second and then go right back to eating!