It has been a weekend jam-packed with celebrations for LJ and MC's 2nd birthday!
How in the world has it been 2 years since our family was blessed with these girls?
 MC, this picture is such an accurate portrayal of you at two years....a whirlwind of activity and your baby (Ne-Ne) is always with you.  You have a very nurturing and loving personality and always make sure LJ has her lovies, cup, blanket, or whatever she wants.  It's so sweet to watch!  Not to say you all don't have your moments of butting heads, y'all certainly do!  You are talking a ton (just tonight when we were putting you all to bed, you pointed to the cd player and said, "Momma, turn it on, please."  Your favorite thing to do right now is gymnastics with B and AC.
Ready to blow out the candles on her cake! 
I made them this year and what it lacked in appearance, was made up for by the taste....I will have to say it was delicious!  I'll share the recipe tomorrow.
 LJ, if I were to describe you in one word it would be joyful.  You are always laughing, giggling, singing....you are just a happy girl!  Well, most of the time.  We have seen a few glimpses of a temper, but you are making great progress in controlling yourself....it's been at least 1 week since you bit someone!
You too are chatty all the time....My favorite is when I ask where someone or something is and you shrug your shoulders and say, "I no know."  You want to be outside all the time and you love reading books...you will sit with a huge stack reading away for the longest time.

We love you both so much and can't wait to see the plans God has for each of you!


A Girl's Day

I've often heard mom's say eight is the age the mother/daughter relationship can grow friction as the girl is maturing and trying out new attitudes, etc.  Even though my girl is a very new 8, I have noticed  how much more mature she seems.  In an effort to give our relationship the one-on-one time our relationship needs, we spent the day Saturday together shopping, having lunch, and just being together.
This girl makes me so happy and I am loving watching her grow and experience life!


First Day of School

Or as I have heard it said by many veteran homeschoolers, home learning.  I think that sounds a lot better and is more in line with our goals.  At any rate, today was our first official day!
 As far as first day jitters, I had them
But the day went great and both AC and B said at different times, "this is so fun!"  Mission accomplished, in my opinion.  I am so grateful to have this time with them and even though I know we will have rough days, I see the opportunity for us to learn at home as such a blessing!
We attempted a group shot in our tie-dyed shirts.....they are a great representation of the four personalities!