SUYL- Moms of Multiples

Today I am joining Kelly's Show Us Your Life Mom's of Multiples.  We are blessed to have 2 sets of multiples- 7 year old boy/girl twins and 19 month g/g twins. 
I'm so glad Kelly is hosting this as I love reading other multiple's blogs and hearing and seeing how they do life.  For us, life is fast-paced, chaotic, loud, and filled with so much love I can't put my mind around it! 


Big News

Even though it is a Monday, it has been a great one:  coffee with Todd to start the day, some unexpected one-on-one time with my big kids,
this great big boot is history!
(Yes, that is pollen on it...I worked in the yard yesterday)
At my appointment today, I was given the go-ahead to drop it completely...no crutches and no boot!  Even though walking is frightening and painful, I am so excited!
I see some shoe shopping in my future!



The little girls are growing like crazy ....


Smells of Spring

A few weeks ago I saw this incredible recipe for a fresh smelling simmering concoction on Pinterest and finally tried it last night..it is amazing! 

Fill a small stockpot about 2/3 full with water. 1 lemon, sliced, and a few sprigs of rosemary (I used sage instead of rosemary because that is what I had on hand), and 2 teaspoons of vanilla.  Let it simmer on the stove adding more water as needed.


Catching Up

I didn't intend for a week to pass before posting again, but life got crazy busy for a bit.  Todd and I sort of jumped into some projects that we have been putting off around the house and before we knew it, the week was over.  The big kids are out this week for spring break and spent some time with their cousins.  L and AC taught the little girls to play beauty shop...the first of many times, I'm sure!

The rest of the week is expected to be beautiful and warm, so we are looking forward to playing outside, soaking up the sun, and not having a schedule...I especially am excited about the last part!


Weekend Wrap-Up

I am pleasantly worn out from a very busy, but fun weekend.  Anna Cate and Todd have been looking forward to the annual Father Daughter dance that our school holds.  We were worried that it might be cancelled because our area was predicted to have the thunderstorms and tornadoes so many saw Friday, but thankfully they missed us.

The look of frustration on AC's face is due to her not liking the new shoes I bought to go with her dress.  For a few minutes, it looked like she might wear her Toms instead and I was prepared to let her...After 7 1/2 years, I'm learning to choose my battles.
Mary Connor is keeping us on our toes lately.  One minute she is super happy and silly
 and the next she is flinging her dinner plate on the wall saying her new favorite word, "top," which means stop, I'm finished, you're bothering me, etc.
 Hope y'all had a great weekend!



Today was the first day since I broke my leg that resembled our normal: Todd out of town for business, me getting the big kids to school, MC to preschool, LJ to the the pediatrician for an ear infection, school meeting, errands, laundry, meeting the exterminator , picking up the dry cleaning...
just the everyday things.

 And even though I am flat worn out tonight, I have a new appreciation for our normal.