Fall Fun

Yesterday we started a very busy day off with AC's soccer game.  She has had the best time playing this fall and we will miss her team as she has been with most of them and her coach since she was 5, but she has learned so much, most of all that she plain LOVES playing soccer!
Meanwhile, the little girls had the best time ever playing with sweet friend, S.
What's that you have, S?
Maybe if I scoot a little closer she'll get the hint.... I love watching these girls- they are so funny at this age!

Later in the afternoon, we headed to Sam's of My Barefoot Farm for a Halloween party.  I am so disappointed we didn't get more pictures because for the first time in a long time, even Todd and I dressed up! 
So, for memory's sake, Todd went as Peter Parker/ Spiderman.
 I just so happen to have an adult size Spider Man costume in the dress-up chest from a mixed up birthday order from Celebrate Express.  Instead of sending my order, they sent a ton of spiderman goods.  I don't really remember the details, but I'm fairly certain I called them in a panic and they rushed our order and just told us to keep the spiderman goods, thus the Spiderman costume on hand.  He wore a button down and jeans over the costume with glasses.  I went as a pirate, B a ninja, AC cleopatra, LJ dragon, MC caterpillar.
We had the best time on their beautiful farm and the kids loved the Haunted Woods set up by the creek, trunk or treating, the cotton candy and apple cider, and playing with all of the farm animals.  It was a perfect welcome to fall!

Are y'all ready for a fun week filled with Halloween?


A Snapshot of the Day

With 2 year olds, rare is the moment that both are happy (or at least not crying!)
 at the same time.

 After a super productive morning of learning, these two were happy to spend some time playing at the park.


A Very Happy Birthday, Nanna!

Brian was so excited to pick out a bouquet for Nana and gave it to her first thing in the morning!
LJ  enjoying some of the birthday cake!

Happy birthday, Nanna (Nanny to the little girls)!  You are so special to us and we are so glad we got to celebrate with you!


On my nightstand....

I've been reading several books lately that are too great not to share.

  To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's ExtraordinaryAccount of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again- A True Story
Seriously, if you haven't read this, it needs to go to the top of your list.  My mom gave it to me after she read it in one day and it really is hard to put down once you start reading this incredible story. 

Educating the WholeHearted Child- Third Edition  Clay and Sally Clarkson have been favorites of mine for a while, but this book has been such a blessing as a new homeschooling family. 

What about you....read anything you've loved lately? 
Have a great Tuesday!



Is any one still here?  So, it's been a while since I've written and I could list a million reasons why, but I'll sum it up by saying blogging has had to take a back seat while we have adjusted to homeschooling, still trying to sell our house, technical difficuties with the blog itself, etc.  But, my little unplanned break made me realise how much I enjoy blogging and keeping a written journal of our days, so hopefully I'll be more consistent now!
The silence around here is certainly in contrast to life under this roof and can I just say for the millionth time since August.....
Why haven't we homeschooled from the beginning??? 
 Don't get me wrong, some days are very (very, very) difficult and my patience has been pushed beyond any limit imaginable, but I love our days and feel so blessed to watch them learn.  I was saying to a friend the other day that I feel like I have my kids back....I've just seen such a change as far as their attitudes and personalities.
The pictures below are from our nature study a few weeks ago (by far our favorite part of school!) and a few randoms because they are too cute!

 LJ chasing her shadow