First Hairbow

And they left them in!  I may have a chance with these girls!



  I had planned to post something I was thankful for every day this month, but like many great ideas, it just didn't't happen.  So, here is a very short list among so many things I am thankful for this year.
  • I'm thankful for our families.  Todd and I are both blessed with supportive parents who have been such great examples of a Godly marriage.  I am so thankful our children are growing up with such a huge network of family who loves all of us as only family can.
  • I'm thankful for each of these precious angels God is letting us call our children. After experiencing infertility, I know that to be a parent is a privelege and a gift.. 
  • I'm thankful for my Anna Cate and Brian's school.  Choosing a school for them was certainly one of the biggest challenges we have faced as parents, but it is so rewarding to watch them grow acameically and spiritually under the care of their great school
  • I am thankful for our church.  The love and support our family has recieved over the last year is humbling.
  • I'm thankful for Todd and for our marriage.  He is my most favorite person to be with and I just can't ask for much more than that!


This and That

We woke up happy this morning knowing it's a short week. The kids have to go today and a half day tomorrow. Coach (my Dad) is driving down to get them tomorrow for a cousin's slumber party with CC (my Mom) and Coach. The kids are sooo excited to see their cousins.   Our children are very blessed to have awesome grandparents on both sides.
Todd and I are going to take advantage of the time and try to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow.  Usually my goal is to be finished with my shopping by Thanksgiving, but this year I will just be starting at Thanksgiving!  I have no idea  what to get the big kids.  They have asked for a DS but I have reservations.  We have a Wi (is it one or two i's?) and it will drive me crazy if they take them everywhere with us and go into the "trance", which is what happens to Brian .  Plus, we have a rule that they get 1 hour of screen time per day so I don't know that they will even have time to play it enough to spend $150.  Thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated!


How is it already Friday?
Anna Cate and Brian had their Thanksgiving play this week , but Brian woke up sick so he had to miss it. Todd was there to see Anna Cate while I took Brian to the doctor's office. He had a sinus infection, but is on the mend.

These baby girls are just growing and changing every day. It's hard to get anything done- I just want to sit and kiss their cheeks all day!

Brian is giving the tooth fairy a run for her money- he lost 2 teeth yesterday! One in the car after I picked them up from school. He dropped it and it can't be found- what does that say about the state of my car? He pulled the second one right before going to bed.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


10 Years, MC Rolls Over, and a Yardsale

On the 11th of this month, Todd and I celebrated out 10 year wedding anniversary!

4 earthly babies, 1 heavenly baby, 3 infertility treatments, 5 houses, 1 business later ....I wish we could start back at the beginning so I could experience it all again!

We had a book at our wedding for the guests to write well wishes or advice. I love to go back and read what everyone wrote, but my favorite is by my uncle, Rick. He wrote: "Todd, begin every day thinking how you will help Michelle that day. Michelle, begin every day thinking how you will help Todd that day."

As I said in the 3 month post, Mary Conner has been trying so hard to roll over. She finally did last night! I missed it, but Todd saw her and said she looked surprised to be on her tummy!

Our neighborhood yardsale was yesterday and at the last minute we decided to participate. We only lasted a couple of hours, but we got rid of lots of stuff. The kids had fun with their lemonade and cookie stand, even though it was a little chilly for lemonade.


3 Months

If you are thinking I'm a few days late on this and thing must be a little hectic in the land of the Sparkman's, you are correct! Better late than never, I suppose.

Lyla James and Mary Connor, I can't believe y'all are 3 months old!

Mary Connor, you are such a happy baby! You have the prettiest smile that lights up your whole face. Your favorite game is peek-a-boo with Brian. You still love your swing and activity mat. You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes. Not sure on your weight and height since we haven't gone to the doctor recently. When you are lying on your back, you throw your legs to the side trying to roll over. I'm thinking it will be any day now.

Lyla James, you keep us laughing all day! You are so curious and still insist on being able to see everyone and everything around you. You are excellent at communicating your wants and needs- very loudly usually! You love to be outside and get very quiet as soon as we step out the door. You love being on your tummy and the bouncy seat. You are also wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes.

Both of you are sleeping 8-9 hours at night and that just makes your Mom and Dad so very happy! During the day, you all eat about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I think you all are able to sleep so long at night because you eat so often during the day...I'll take it!

We are so thankful for both of you and love watching you grow!


Feeling a Little Old...

Anna Cate while doing homework this afternoon: "Mommy, did you have ink pens when you were little or did you write with a feather?".........ouch.