I admit it... I love shopping for my children's clothes
Smocking is my favorite thing ever.  If I could pull it off, I would wear it myself.
When I was expecting AC and B, a sweet neighbor at the time taught me to smock...I made them a couple of outfits- meaning I smocked a few inserts and my neighbor sewed the actual garment...anyway, love smocking.
A few of my favorites:
Shrimp and Grits
Orient Expressed
Clire and Charlie

I also have used Ebay a lot lately to match up what I have kept of AC's for the baby girl's....I love having them match!  Another great thing, I have a friend who has 3 year old twin girls and I buy a lot from her.

So, what are your favorite places to shop for children's clothes?  Check out Kelly's for more ideas.

A Praise on Game Day...

This afternoon we had our annual appointment with Ac's cardiologist for her VSD....even though we are extremely blessed in that the hole is tiny and doesn't affect her at all, I'm always nervous before the appointment.  AC, on the other hand, looks forward to it because she absolutely loves her doctor!
We were relieved to see there is no change and even though I pray daily that hole would close, I'm just glad to see my healthy, happy girl.
Of course we showed up at what I thought was our appointment time of 2:40 to find out that our appointment was at 12:40....I wrote that on the calendar last year and I did have 2 brand new babies with me, one of whom also had to have an EKG...so thankful they worked us in.
Needless to say we were ready for a lighter note....the boy's football game

 even the babies had fun...

B celebrating for his teammate's score.  So much fun!


Memory Lane

This afternoon AC and B were into looking at Halloween costumes, especially for the little girls since they decided what they were going to be back in, oh, July.

Anyway, they wanted to know what their costumes looked like when they were 1, which of course led to me gazing at these pictures for hours.....

I have said it before and I'll say it again I am not crafty, but for some crazy reason I decided to make their costumes of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.... how I did this I don't know, but I do know they were taking 1 3 hour nap per day so I guess that explains where I found the time.

Those sweet legs planted widely to keep balance... Mary Connor has those legs....I am obsessed with chubby baby legs.
The mullett...how in the world did I not notice?  Maybe because I was too busy making Halloween costumes?

Seriously, have you ever seen a more precious Peter Pan? 
If I do say, I'm impressed with that costume.
Yes, Brian too had the beginnings of a mullett.

This walk down memory lane was so fun, but resulted in AC and B insisting I make their's and the little girl's costumes for this year....
time is wisdom....
I now know Costume Express, thankyouverymuch


Johnny Apple Seed Day

This morning I got to spend a few hours in AC and B's classroom celebrating Johnny Apple Seed Day.  The kids got to dress up like Johnny Apple Seed, bring their favorite apple snack, and Johnny Apple Seed himself visited the classroom and read his story to them.

Their teacher is so amazing! I just love how she gets it that the kids need to be up and moving around instead of sitting at their desks all day.  It was a fun morning. but oh my goodness, I was exhausted when I left!


A Glorious Adventure

This morning , which start at 3:15 a.m. thanks to a stomach bug that is taking it's sweet time visiting this house, I read this in Jesus Calling:

We will never be in control of your life circumstances, but you can relax and trust in my control.  Instead of striving for a predictable, safe lifestyle, seek to know Me in greater depth and breadth. I long to make your life a glorious adventure, but you must stop clinging to old ways. I am always doing something new with My beloved ones. Be on the lookout for all that I have prepared for you.

And after a week filled with stomach bugs, a first and very painful ear infection, and many, many, many loads of additional dirty laundry I needed the reminder. This thing called motherhood  is indeed a glorious adventure.
Many early morning giggles and snuggles, watching one of my children breeze through their first chapter book and loving it, and most of all- a visit from my parents.  Friday was Grandparent's Day for the 1st grade at our school and it absolutely made AC and B's day to show their CC and Coach their classroom and introduce them to their teacher and friends. 

Plus, we got to celebrate CC's birthday with her and I was reminded of just what I'm striving for:  the patience, excitement, and joy that make up my own mother.

 just ignore the wonky candle- you just never know around here...and for that I am thankful!



they do matter.
While we are still working in this area with all 4 kiddos,
it's a priority in this house.

Example:  Tonight at football practice,
B, in a very gentleman- like fashion screamed, "thank you," when tossed the football and then ran like a man on fire for a touch down.

May the NFL take note, manners.... they do matter.

Is this still showing up in German for some of you?  Let me know if it is and THEN me how to fix it!


A Conversation

What's this?

Hmmm... feels strange

Tastes good.....

Very strange....

Hey, Mommy...

It does taste good!


We could not have asked for a more beautiful morning to kick off AC's soccer season....cool, crisp and sunny.
 She has been so excited about the first game....

 and she was so proud to score a goal!

 Love that she is such a sweet mixture of girly-girl and tomboy.

Unfortunately, LJ has been sick with a stomach bug for a few days and vomited right when we got to the fields.  It was so funny how many people said they had never seen them dress differently....yes, I am neurotic and have to dress them alike.  As my wise friend who is a mother to triplets said, seeing them dressed alike bring a sense of calm and control, since so many things are out of one's control with multiples.  Any way, we ended up at urgent care after the game to make sure it was nothing more than a stomach bug and after 3 hours spent between the Doctor's and the pharmacy, it is a confirmed stomach virus.  So, we now begin praying no one else gets it....if you want to pray for that too, I thank you!


Favorite Bible Studies

Kelly's topic for this week's Show Us Your Life is favorite Bible studies and devotions. 

I love Beth Moore's studies and love her even more after hearing her speak a few years ago.  My favorite study of hers is Breaking Free.  I wasn't prepared for how deeply this study would effect me, but it did and I am grateful for it.

I love John Rosemond's ministry, especially Parenting by the Book.  It's the only parenting book I've ever read that I was nodding and saying yes the whole way through.  There is a group study for the book that I would love to do sometime.  Has anyone ever done the study?  What did you think?


And so it begins...

One thing I know from having 2 sets of twins, is they will have disagreements from time to time. 
Daily, hourly, minutely (not a word, but fitting in this situation, yes?)

Today after their morning snack, MC closed the front door on LJ's finger.
 When I picked her up to examine the boo- boo, LJ pointed her injured finger at MC and said, "Sissy."
Oh my word, they are barely 1 year and already tattling.
"What you talking about, Willis?"
Raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about!


What a day....

It's been a great day...an exhausting one, but a great one.

Today was go-time for fall sports...
B has been begging to play football, but T feels like he's too young for tackle, so he is playing flag football with T as the coach...it's hard to tell who is more excited! 

AC is playing soccer again....she loves those cleats, let me tell you.
Tonight as the boys were getting ready to leaave for football practice, AC said to B, "Be sure to tell all of your teammates I won't be there tonight because I have soccer, but Thursday I will be there to put on their make up."  Her Dad was speechless but B is so used to this he was like, "Ok, I'll tell them."....
bless that boy, he will be the best husband
Can you spy the make up she is referring to?

Other than being carted around shopping and to various practices, the baby girls have had a big day, as well.  While I was in a shop looking at jewelry, LJ says clear as a bell, "What's this?"  I had to ask our sweet Mi-Mi if I had imagined it, it was that clear.  And then at soccer practice, she pointed to the ball and said, "This. Ball."  It amazes me because AC was a super early talker but never walked until about 18 months, meanwhile, Brian was in a dead sprint but hardly talked at all.  I do not want to put my children in a box and label them while their personalities are forever growing and changing, but the similarities amaze me. 

Hope y'all have had an amazing Tuesday, as well!


The Best Gift....

One of my biggest fears about having more children, was that it would take away from my time and attention with Anna Cate and Brian. 

A little blurry because these 2 are all about action...

I can remember talking about it with my older sister and her saying, "A sibling is the best gift a parent can give a child."

I couldn't agree more.


Rolls and Coffee

Today I am making my Grandmother's world famous-to our family and friends, anyway- dinner rolls.  These rolls are absolutely the very best thing you've ever put in your mouth- when she makes them.  When I make them, they are ok.  So why go to all the trouble when you could buy some Sister Schuberts and move on?
 When T and I got married, we alternated spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with each of our families since they live a few hours apart and we didn't want to spend the holiday on the road.  The first Thanksgiving spent away from my family was traumatic.  Not because I don't enjoy Todd's family, but because it was just so different.  I can remember calling my Mom and telling her through tears, "I can't do Thanksgiving without Grandma's rolls!"  So, the next holiday that we spent with Todd's family, I begged my grandmother to share her recipe.  They didn't come out very well, but the smell made me happy!
I love the way they smell even more than I like the taste.  Actually, while they are rising, I have to brew a couple pots of coffee so my house smells just like my grandmother's.
I often wonder what memories will stand out to my children when they are adults.  Will they too make rolls and brew coffee just to be taken back in time?


The Things Kids Say...

I always say I'm going to start a book documenting the hilarious things our children say, so this seems as good a place as any...

Tonight at church during dinner, a man came over to the table where we were sitting and he was laughing hysterically.  He proceeded to tell us he was bending over speaking to someone when he felt a tap on his back and Brian saying, "Excuse me, Sir, but your bottom is in my face."  That boy is a mess!


First Haircuts

I have been on high alert watching the little girl's hair grow because when AC was this age, she had a full-blown mulett and I some how didn't notice (you know how we mommy's only see preciousness when we look at their little faces). 

Awww...I still only see preciousness, but she certainly did have a mullet (and I can't believe how much Mary Connor resembles her.)
Anyway, last week I sent a text to my friend, who is also the kid's hair stylist, saying we were entering mullet-zone and needed to see her ASAP.

 Lyla James sat so still and never made a peep.

Mary Connor....
 was there to party...

 and squirm....

 and examine her cute new shoes...

 and have a snack while glaring at Mommy and her sister.

But we survived and are now mullet-free!
I know the pictures are a little blurry, but I was taking them while holding very curious 1 year olds.
Notice Lj has a hirbow and MC doesn't?  She takes it out the second I put in her hair...over and over and over we do this all day, but I will not give up.


So long summer...

We have enjoyed a much needed low-key weekend......

 MC has discovered the piano and plays it every chance she gets.

 When I went in to check on AC Friday night, this is what I found.  She had put her outfit together for the Vol's 1st game, including the Barbie head wearing a Vols headband!

 Daddy and LJ enjoying a swim in the rain...

 Both girls really liked their cupcakes at a sweet friend's birthday party yesterday, but LJ started giggling and clapping the minute she saw it!  It seems I have passed on my love of sweets to her.

Our plans for today were ruined due to the rain we are getting, but we haven't had rain in so long  I'm not complaining.  Hope y'all are all enjoying a great Labor Day Weekend as well!


Favorite Blogs

Kelly's topic for this week's Show Us Your Life is favorite blogs.  My list is long and changes a lot, but these are a few of my favorites.  Some of these are people I know in real life and other's I have just stumbled across.


The Routine

Every morning as soon as the big kid's are at school,
the babies make a mad dash for the big kid's rooms...

No Elmo for them, they love hot wheels tracks and trucks.