Rolls and Coffee

Today I am making my Grandmother's world famous-to our family and friends, anyway- dinner rolls.  These rolls are absolutely the very best thing you've ever put in your mouth- when she makes them.  When I make them, they are ok.  So why go to all the trouble when you could buy some Sister Schuberts and move on?
 When T and I got married, we alternated spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with each of our families since they live a few hours apart and we didn't want to spend the holiday on the road.  The first Thanksgiving spent away from my family was traumatic.  Not because I don't enjoy Todd's family, but because it was just so different.  I can remember calling my Mom and telling her through tears, "I can't do Thanksgiving without Grandma's rolls!"  So, the next holiday that we spent with Todd's family, I begged my grandmother to share her recipe.  They didn't come out very well, but the smell made me happy!
I love the way they smell even more than I like the taste.  Actually, while they are rising, I have to brew a couple pots of coffee so my house smells just like my grandmother's.
I often wonder what memories will stand out to my children when they are adults.  Will they too make rolls and brew coffee just to be taken back in time?


Mom of the Fab 4!! said...

I can almost smell the coffee and rolls. I am a sucker for traditional things like that as well. I am sure your kids will make them too, but will think of you!!

Kelly said...

it's so funny you say that. I always wonder what people will remember of me...if anything. Often times when people get in my car or my house they say "are you baking bread?" or "why does your car smell like bakery fresh cinnamon rolls?" I don't bake. I am horrible at it. But somehow someone always says that. lol. I am sure your kids and husband will remember you for lots of stuff...and coffee and rolls seems amazing!