Homecoming Week

It's been a busy, but fun week in the Sparkman house. It was our school's homecoming and we had the Lion's Run.

To kick off Spirit Week, Monday was 80's Day. Brian even wore his jeans tight rolled! Anna Cate decided not to dress up because her outfit was uncomfortable....thank you, God, for uniforms. Brian told everyone it was 1890's Day!

Tuesday was Twin Day....very fitting for our family!

Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day

Thursday was The Lion's Run....a fundraiser for the athletic department.

The "real football players" as Brian calls them

Our school mascot

Brian and Anna Cate ran hard despite the rain.

Last night we had a tailgate party before the football game and of course, my camera battery was dead when we got there. I hate when that happens! We had a great time and the babies enjoyed their first football game. It's finally beginning to feel like fall here!


This Week in Pictures

A very alert Lyla James ...she is so interested in everything going on around her

Annaa Cate and Brian ready for Hats On Day for Cancer Awareness at school. AC is holding the painting I commissioned her to do for a wall near the laundry room!

A very relaxed and comfy Mary Connor. Just to show personality differences: Mary Connor happily stays in her bed during the crazy morning time of getting ready for school, but Lyla James must be in the middle of it so she can see what's going on!

Lunch with precious friends.

Johnny Appleseed Day...Anna Cate with the girls.

Anna Cate's class

Brian insisted he wear one of Todd's white t-shirts for his costume. He was so excited!

Brian's class

The "race car" that has provided hours of entertainment for these two.

Our sweet babysitter, Natalie, home from school for her birthday...Anna Cate and Brian plotted all week how to surprise her with her cake!


Birth Announcement and A Brag

I've been working on geting these addressed and mailed for weeks. Hopefully, they will get sent before it's time to start addressing Christmas cards!
I'm so proud of these girls....they are both sleeping 5-7 hour stretches at night! Todd and I feel like new people!



For all that Anna Cate is a girly girl, she is also fearless and rough and tumble.
Last night at the soccer field, I watched her from across many soccer fields climb up on a 6 foot wall and jump without any hesitation. It was one of those too-quick-to-act moments in parenting....I was praying please don't jump, please don't jump but no words came out of my mouth. After landing face down, she was screaming and holding her foot. I should add, my girl is also dramatic, so we were headed to the ER but then the pain subsided a little and she could walk.
When tucking her in last night, I asked her why she jumped off the wall knowing it was so high and she would likely get hurt. She smiled and said, "I'm just curious. That's how God made me."


Seeking Employment

We have managed to avoid the whole DS craze with Anna Cate and Brian, up until now that is. Nothing against them, but we have a Wii And they are only allowed 1 hour of video games and TV viewing combined per day.
Anyway, lately they have insisted that they can't wait until Christmas so Todd and I said they can use some of their savings, but they have to earn $50 to put toward it. So, they have been seeking employment with neighbors to help with yardwork. They have their first job this weekend.
On the way to school this morning, I overheard this conversation:
B: "I wonder if Miss Rita will let me drive her lawn mower?"
AC: "No because you aren't old enough. We will have to ask for a few days off so we can go trick or treating at Halloween."
They are too funny! Can't wait to see if they reach their goal!


A Good Day

Today has been one of those days that I love...Todd and I woke up feeling really rested considering we have 5 week old twins, everyone was in good spirits over breakfast, the big kids got their charts completed without me having to scream, and I got to spend the day with one of my dearest friends, Amanda. We took the babies to a tent sale one our favorite home stores is having. The babies did really well and we got lots of good time together. After school, the babies napped for a long stretch so I got to play outside with Anna Cate and Brian before soccer practice. Awesome day!!


Soccer 2010

Soccer season has begun! We let the big kids choose 1 activity for the fall, which has already become 3 because of choir and tennis, in an effort to adjust with the new babies, etc. Brian chose soccer and he had his first game tonight.

He is a new age group this year with 6 to 8 year olds. Actual positions are appointed to the boys and it's just overall more structured. This is Brian's third year to play.When he was 4, he spent most of his time on the sideline eating snack and playing. Last year, he was a little more interested in the game.

So, needless to day, Todd and I were a little unsure of what his reaction would be to a more structured game. He did great! He has the same coach as last year and she even remarked on how much he had grown up from last year. Sure, he asked the coach mid-game if he could go over to another field to visit a friend, but he went after the ball and had some great plays!

The brothers and sisters catching grasshoppers!


One Month Birthday

One month ago today God blessed us with these precious angels! What an incredible month we have had. I feel like I've known these girls all my life , yet I still find myself hesitating when telling someone I'm the mother of 4 because it seems unreal.

We went for the 1 month check-up at the peds office today....he agrees you all are perfect and beautiful!

Lyla James, you have been spitting up and having a lot of discomfort after eating, so your doctor thinks you have some reflux. He started you on Zantac and we have to add a little rice cereal to the breastmilk. Hopefully that will do the trick and you will be back to your happy self. We are still working on nursing with you, so I am pumping and giving you a bottle. You weigh 8 lbs and you are 20 1/2 inches.

Mary Connor, you weigh 8 lbs 11 oz and you are 20 3/4 inches. No reflux for you.....you just want to nurse 24/7!

Y'all are beginning to go longer stratches between feedings- whoo hoo! During the day you all eat about every 2 1/2 to 3hrs and at night every 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.

Our whole family is just crazy about you both....you all are held, kissed, and snuggled around the clock!


4 Weeks Old

Mary Connor and Lyla James, you are 4 weeks old today!

Lyla James-

We have discovered that you don't like to be the slightest bit uncomfortable or you will scream. If your diaper is wet or your shirt has spit up on it, you must be changed immediately!

Mary Connor-

You are already enthralled with your big brother. If he is in the room, you try like crazy to find his voice and focus on him. He thinks your "awesome", other than the wholse diaper thing!



I didn't mean to go so long without writing, but thing have just been beyond insane around here! I have developed some complications from my c-section and have felt really awful for the past few weeks. I'm finally beginning to feel a little better, thank goodness.....I simply don't have time to be sick! Both babies are awake a lot more and have their fussy times of the day where they just want to be held. I love, love holding them but it's a bit of a juggling act, especially when trying to get homework done and dinner for everyone. I'm thinking slings may be in our future!

My parents have been here helping us and we will all be sad to see them go. It's been so much fun having them here and we wouldn't have survived without their help.

AC's play wraps up today-I'm a little sad it's over! Despite the late nights and huge time committment, it has been so much fun! I hope she has an opportunity to be involved with the Little Theatre again.

Hopefully this week will give us an opportunity to get into a routine since we won't be running out the door every afternoon to get to play productions. But, this is likely our new normal since soccer, gymnastics, choir, etc. begin this week.

Life is crazy and I am dead tired upon waking up in the morning but I have never been happier or felt more blessed!