Seeking Employment

We have managed to avoid the whole DS craze with Anna Cate and Brian, up until now that is. Nothing against them, but we have a Wii And they are only allowed 1 hour of video games and TV viewing combined per day.
Anyway, lately they have insisted that they can't wait until Christmas so Todd and I said they can use some of their savings, but they have to earn $50 to put toward it. So, they have been seeking employment with neighbors to help with yardwork. They have their first job this weekend.
On the way to school this morning, I overheard this conversation:
B: "I wonder if Miss Rita will let me drive her lawn mower?"
AC: "No because you aren't old enough. We will have to ask for a few days off so we can go trick or treating at Halloween."
They are too funny! Can't wait to see if they reach their goal!