Soccer 2010

Soccer season has begun! We let the big kids choose 1 activity for the fall, which has already become 3 because of choir and tennis, in an effort to adjust with the new babies, etc. Brian chose soccer and he had his first game tonight.

He is a new age group this year with 6 to 8 year olds. Actual positions are appointed to the boys and it's just overall more structured. This is Brian's third year to play.When he was 4, he spent most of his time on the sideline eating snack and playing. Last year, he was a little more interested in the game.

So, needless to day, Todd and I were a little unsure of what his reaction would be to a more structured game. He did great! He has the same coach as last year and she even remarked on how much he had grown up from last year. Sure, he asked the coach mid-game if he could go over to another field to visit a friend, but he went after the ball and had some great plays!

The brothers and sisters catching grasshoppers!