I didn't mean to go so long without writing, but thing have just been beyond insane around here! I have developed some complications from my c-section and have felt really awful for the past few weeks. I'm finally beginning to feel a little better, thank goodness.....I simply don't have time to be sick! Both babies are awake a lot more and have their fussy times of the day where they just want to be held. I love, love holding them but it's a bit of a juggling act, especially when trying to get homework done and dinner for everyone. I'm thinking slings may be in our future!

My parents have been here helping us and we will all be sad to see them go. It's been so much fun having them here and we wouldn't have survived without their help.

AC's play wraps up today-I'm a little sad it's over! Despite the late nights and huge time committment, it has been so much fun! I hope she has an opportunity to be involved with the Little Theatre again.

Hopefully this week will give us an opportunity to get into a routine since we won't be running out the door every afternoon to get to play productions. But, this is likely our new normal since soccer, gymnastics, choir, etc. begin this week.

Life is crazy and I am dead tired upon waking up in the morning but I have never been happier or felt more blessed!