One Month Birthday

One month ago today God blessed us with these precious angels! What an incredible month we have had. I feel like I've known these girls all my life , yet I still find myself hesitating when telling someone I'm the mother of 4 because it seems unreal.

We went for the 1 month check-up at the peds office today....he agrees you all are perfect and beautiful!

Lyla James, you have been spitting up and having a lot of discomfort after eating, so your doctor thinks you have some reflux. He started you on Zantac and we have to add a little rice cereal to the breastmilk. Hopefully that will do the trick and you will be back to your happy self. We are still working on nursing with you, so I am pumping and giving you a bottle. You weigh 8 lbs and you are 20 1/2 inches.

Mary Connor, you weigh 8 lbs 11 oz and you are 20 3/4 inches. No reflux for you.....you just want to nurse 24/7!

Y'all are beginning to go longer stratches between feedings- whoo hoo! During the day you all eat about every 2 1/2 to 3hrs and at night every 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.

Our whole family is just crazy about you both....you all are held, kissed, and snuggled around the clock!