Still Waiting...

Again, back in the hospital and it looks like I'll be here until these girls make their debut......sigh. my bp continues to go up and down. The babies seem to be doing well. There is some concern over Baby A's (Lyla James) growth. She is measuring about 8 days behind Baby B (Mary Connor), but they are both measuring ahead of their actual age so my Dr. doesn't feel it's urgent. LJ is estimated to be right at 5lbs and MC 6lbs. As anxious as I am to meet these precious girls, I'm praying every hour for patience and peace while I continue to sit here. Anna Cate and Brian love coming to the hospital to visit and they seem to be handling the changes well......a lot better than me, in fact!


Still here......

just resting away. Anna Cate and Brian came home from a week long visit with CC and Coach (my parents) on Friday and that has certainly livened thing up around here- thank goodness, I was getting bored! Peace and quiet are overrated in my book. Upon seeing me B said, "Mom, I'm worried your tummy is going to explode." So funny, but a reasonable observation at this point!


Another Hospital Visit.....

but I am home once again! My blood pressure continues to do crazy things, so I was put back in the hospital for 2 days. All tests came back fine and the babies continue to look great, so I was sent home yesterday on very strict bedrest since my blood pressure goes down when I am laying down. Luckily, we are almost to the 34 week mark and both girls are estimated to weigh over 5 lbs. This is a huge milestone and personally comforting since AC and B were born at 34 weeks. This last ultrasound was so precious: both of them were yawning and putting their hands in their mouths. I am so, so anxious to meet these precious girls and at the same time pray constantly that they don't come too early. Todd has been the best nurse bringing my meals in on a tray, packing a cooler for beside the bed.....who knows, he might even learn to do laundry! Our family and friends are still helping in so many ways- it's just the biggest blessing. It's going to get a little crazy(er) around here in the next few weeks as the big kids start school, AC's play practice schedule heats up, and other activities begin. Then again, crazier is likely to be our new normal and we will have 2 more little one's.....I can't wait!


This week Anna Cate and Brian both had camps they have been looking forward to all summer: cheerleading and Leggo engineering. I love that there are so many different kinds of camps for kids to try new sports and activities without committing to a whole season. Brian loves Leggos and has gotten into the kits over the past year, so we knew this camp would be great. Anna Cate did this cheerleading camp last year and begged to do it again.

Favorite Team Day
Rock Star Day
AC with the "big girls"

Obviously not a picture of Leggo camp!



One of the many things I love about our smallish, close-knit community is how giving everyone is just when you need them the most. Since coming home from the hospital last Friday, we have a full schedule of meals that will be delivered, people running errands, taking Anna Cate and Brian to activities, offers to help with our dogs......I could go on and on. We fell in love with this town upon visiting 3 years ago because it had such a good "feel" and we have only come to love it more.
I had another appointment with my OB today. NST(non-stress test) showed the babies look great. We were discussing the balance between bedrest and the need to move a little to avoid clots and I asked if I could get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. My doctor and Todd laughed for 5 minutes straight.....I was totally serious.....the idea of meeting these babies with crazy eyebrows and chipped polish makes my blood pressure raise even higher....I kid!!!..but my doctor said that was fine- ha!


Baby Report

Yesterday I had an appointment with my OB- from now on I'll be visiting him twice a week. No huge changes to report. My blood pressure was high, but came down once I was laying on my left side and the amniotic fluid has increased slightly. Both babies look great and are estimated to weigh right around 5 lbs. So now we just need them to stay and grow for at least a few more weeks!


Bed Rest

....is just plain hard for this very type A girl. In theory it sounds great- lay around, read, watch movies. But, it gets old quick. I was on bedrest for 1 month at the beginning of this pregnancy and started a list of thing to work on while resting. Things like organize my recipes, smock for the babies, start a blog, read up on vaccine schedules, etc. The kids aren't in school now so I can add to that list reading, crafts, paper dolls with AC, Leggo kit building with B, etc. I'm realizing this is a gift from God....to make me slow down and soak up this time with my first-born babies. Sometimes, well most of the time, I get so caught up in my to-do lists and constant running around, I forget to enjoy the little moments. It's all in how you look at things, right?


Home Again, Home Again

We have had some crazy days this week at the Sparkman house. Wednesday I went in for my standard appointment with my OB and ended up in the hospital. My blood pressure was really high, as in 170/110- yikes! No wonder I had been feeling dizzy! Luckily, it came down and has stayed down with rest. They did an ultrasound and while the babies look good, the amniotic fluid levels seem low, so they kept me another night. This morning they did another ultrasound and the fluids had increased slightly. The really exciting part was we saw both girls "practice" breathing which was just amazing! According to my Dr., it's early for them to be doing that so that's great! I got to come home this afternoon with orders for bedrest until the babies come. Not fun, but totally managable. I missed AC and B so badly and am happy to be home!


We Have 6 Year Olds!

What a fun day- we had Anna Cate and Brian's party at our country club this afternoon. The kids swam, ate cake, and swam some more!