One of the many things I love about our smallish, close-knit community is how giving everyone is just when you need them the most. Since coming home from the hospital last Friday, we have a full schedule of meals that will be delivered, people running errands, taking Anna Cate and Brian to activities, offers to help with our dogs......I could go on and on. We fell in love with this town upon visiting 3 years ago because it had such a good "feel" and we have only come to love it more.
I had another appointment with my OB today. NST(non-stress test) showed the babies look great. We were discussing the balance between bedrest and the need to move a little to avoid clots and I asked if I could get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. My doctor and Todd laughed for 5 minutes straight.....I was totally serious.....the idea of meeting these babies with crazy eyebrows and chipped polish makes my blood pressure raise even higher....I kid!!!..but my doctor said that was fine- ha!