Home Again, Home Again

We have had some crazy days this week at the Sparkman house. Wednesday I went in for my standard appointment with my OB and ended up in the hospital. My blood pressure was really high, as in 170/110- yikes! No wonder I had been feeling dizzy! Luckily, it came down and has stayed down with rest. They did an ultrasound and while the babies look good, the amniotic fluid levels seem low, so they kept me another night. This morning they did another ultrasound and the fluids had increased slightly. The really exciting part was we saw both girls "practice" breathing which was just amazing! According to my Dr., it's early for them to be doing that so that's great! I got to come home this afternoon with orders for bedrest until the babies come. Not fun, but totally managable. I missed AC and B so badly and am happy to be home!