Another Hospital Visit.....

but I am home once again! My blood pressure continues to do crazy things, so I was put back in the hospital for 2 days. All tests came back fine and the babies continue to look great, so I was sent home yesterday on very strict bedrest since my blood pressure goes down when I am laying down. Luckily, we are almost to the 34 week mark and both girls are estimated to weigh over 5 lbs. This is a huge milestone and personally comforting since AC and B were born at 34 weeks. This last ultrasound was so precious: both of them were yawning and putting their hands in their mouths. I am so, so anxious to meet these precious girls and at the same time pray constantly that they don't come too early. Todd has been the best nurse bringing my meals in on a tray, packing a cooler for beside the bed.....who knows, he might even learn to do laundry! Our family and friends are still helping in so many ways- it's just the biggest blessing. It's going to get a little crazy(er) around here in the next few weeks as the big kids start school, AC's play practice schedule heats up, and other activities begin. Then again, crazier is likely to be our new normal and we will have 2 more little one's.....I can't wait!