The Return of our Elf

Our elf, Frosty, had a delayed appearance since the big kids spent the weekend with their cousins, but Monday morning all 4 littles were tickled that he had visited during the night and he even managed to track us down at Nana and Papa's.  To celebrate we had a special breakfast complete with hot chocolate and doughnuts- a perfect way to start a Monday.

This morning we woke up to find Frosty had helped himself to a little snack of toasted marshmallows.  (Of course, everyone had to taste his marshmallow to see if it had a different taste.  It didn't for the record!)  The kids could not believe it and have talked about it all day. 
It's hard to say who enjoys this tradition the most- the parents or the kids!


Thanksgiving 2012

A few pictures for my memory book....


I am so grateful to have spent the day on the farm with those I love the most, eating delicious food, and making precious memories...we have so much to be thankful for!


Halloween 2012

We had a great time last night, despite a few swt backs early in the day.  I shrank MC's caterpillar costume and we had to make a quick run for a replacement and came up with a ninja costume (pickings were slim), but that worked out great because B was also a ninja!

Red carpet movie star
Sorry these next pictures are so tiny, but blogger isn't letting me enlarge them.

A great time and lots of candy!