First Haircuts

I have been on high alert watching the little girl's hair grow because when AC was this age, she had a full-blown mulett and I some how didn't notice (you know how we mommy's only see preciousness when we look at their little faces). 

Awww...I still only see preciousness, but she certainly did have a mullet (and I can't believe how much Mary Connor resembles her.)
Anyway, last week I sent a text to my friend, who is also the kid's hair stylist, saying we were entering mullet-zone and needed to see her ASAP.

 Lyla James sat so still and never made a peep.

Mary Connor....
 was there to party...

 and squirm....

 and examine her cute new shoes...

 and have a snack while glaring at Mommy and her sister.

But we survived and are now mullet-free!
I know the pictures are a little blurry, but I was taking them while holding very curious 1 year olds.
Notice Lj has a hirbow and MC doesn't?  She takes it out the second I put in her hair...over and over and over we do this all day, but I will not give up.