We could not have asked for a more beautiful morning to kick off AC's soccer season....cool, crisp and sunny.
 She has been so excited about the first game....

 and she was so proud to score a goal!

 Love that she is such a sweet mixture of girly-girl and tomboy.

Unfortunately, LJ has been sick with a stomach bug for a few days and vomited right when we got to the fields.  It was so funny how many people said they had never seen them dress differently....yes, I am neurotic and have to dress them alike.  As my wise friend who is a mother to triplets said, seeing them dressed alike bring a sense of calm and control, since so many things are out of one's control with multiples.  Any way, we ended up at urgent care after the game to make sure it was nothing more than a stomach bug and after 3 hours spent between the Doctor's and the pharmacy, it is a confirmed stomach virus.  So, we now begin praying no one else gets it....if you want to pray for that too, I thank you!