A Praise on Game Day...

This afternoon we had our annual appointment with Ac's cardiologist for her VSD....even though we are extremely blessed in that the hole is tiny and doesn't affect her at all, I'm always nervous before the appointment.  AC, on the other hand, looks forward to it because she absolutely loves her doctor!
We were relieved to see there is no change and even though I pray daily that hole would close, I'm just glad to see my healthy, happy girl.
Of course we showed up at what I thought was our appointment time of 2:40 to find out that our appointment was at 12:40....I wrote that on the calendar last year and I did have 2 brand new babies with me, one of whom also had to have an EKG...so thankful they worked us in.
Needless to say we were ready for a lighter note....the boy's football game

 even the babies had fun...

B celebrating for his teammate's score.  So much fun!