This and That

We woke up happy this morning knowing it's a short week. The kids have to go today and a half day tomorrow. Coach (my Dad) is driving down to get them tomorrow for a cousin's slumber party with CC (my Mom) and Coach. The kids are sooo excited to see their cousins.   Our children are very blessed to have awesome grandparents on both sides.
Todd and I are going to take advantage of the time and try to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow.  Usually my goal is to be finished with my shopping by Thanksgiving, but this year I will just be starting at Thanksgiving!  I have no idea  what to get the big kids.  They have asked for a DS but I have reservations.  We have a Wi (is it one or two i's?) and it will drive me crazy if they take them everywhere with us and go into the "trance", which is what happens to Brian .  Plus, we have a rule that they get 1 hour of screen time per day so I don't know that they will even have time to play it enough to spend $150.  Thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated!