Baby Report

Today I had my bi-weekly appointment with my OB and Anna Cate went with me! I didn't have an ultrasound but she got to hear the heartbeats and thought that was great. I'm 27 weeks and measuring 34 weeks, so these babies are really growing! With Anna Cate and Brain I measured 6 weeks ahead throughout the pregnancy and they were born 6 weeks early.....hopefully these babies will stay a little longer regardless of the measurements. I have been having some Braxton Hicks contractions so I will get a round corticosteroids injections early next week. I didn't have them with Anna Cate and Brian so this will be a new experience.
The nursery is progressing. Todd put the cribs together last night and the upholsterer delivered the rocker and ottoman last week. It looks so sweet!


Jennifer said...

Hi, I came across your blog from Multiples... and More. You have such a cute family and are going to have so much fun with your second set of twins. Is your second set girls? I wonder if that will be a completely different dynamic than the B/G twins? Anyway, I loved seeing your blog!

michelle said...

Hi, Jennifer! Yes, this set is 2 girls and I have heard it will be very different. Your children are too cute! Any advice in preparing for the second round?