2012 Home Goals

One thing I love about the New Year is making a list of home projects I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year, but here it is 11 days into 2012 and I have been putting it off. I know this year is going to be different because of my injury and physically, I"m not going to be able to do everything I want to do and that's more than a little frustrating.
But, Nester is hosting a linky party for home goals and I decided to take the opportunity to make my own list.  It may mean that I have to hire more out, beg Todd and others to help, and some thing will likely appear on the 2013 list, but I'm ok with that...Rome wasn't built in a day....my personal motto for 2012. 

1.  Master Bedroom- this is currently underway!  Last year when our family doubled in size, our little 1920's cottage had to undergo some major switching of the rooms to accomodate everyone and we moved our bedroom into what we had been using as a den.
taken Christmas morning several years ago...I will not be showing current pictures since I have a broken leg and y'all might send Hoarders!
Eventually, we plan to make the adjoining powder room a full bath, but in the meantime we love the size, lots of natural light, and the fireplace.  For over a year I have hesitated to paint or really do much of anything because I was waiting to do the bathroom at the same time. 
Well, a month in bed staring at the 999 nail holes that gallery wall left and the temporary paper shades on the windows has solved that!  Here is my vision board for the room and while it is going to have to be broken down in many stages, I feel better just having a plan and seeing a little progress.

2.  B's room- During the switching of rooms, Brian was moved into our old bedroom so he could have his own bath, being the only boy.  The room is painted one of my most favorites, BM Seaglass, but it's a little too feminine for a 7 1/2 year old boy.  So, I would like to paint and replace the bedding he has had since he was 3.  I am crazy about this fabric mixed with some grey and rusty orange. 
He has bunk beds that are painted blue, and while I would love to either paint them or replace them with something that doesn't require acrobatics to make the bed, it probably isn't going to happen this year and the extra bunk is nice to have when we have guests.

3.  The Girls' Bath-  During the big switching of rooms, AC moved into B's room meaning she and and the little girls now share a Jack and Jill style bath.  In August when planning LJ and MC's 1st birthday party I searched high and low for a reasonably priced pink and yellow stripe fabric to use as a backdrop for the sweets table, and luckily found just what I was looking for on Ebay but it was a shower curtain....perfect for this momma who loves to have anything I can use for more than one purpose and pink and yellow is one of my favorite combos for a girly space.

The bathroom walls are 3/4 beadboard and all of the fixtures have been updated (no better words could be typed when living in an older home!), so I'm just hoping to paint and maybe find a new fabric for the windows.

So, those are my top 3 goals for our home in 2012....
one big, one medium, one small project...
one momma who can't walk, on daddy trying to juggle it all, 4 little blessings who make it all worthwhile,
 and a little house that we all love to call home..
.it's going to be a fabulous year!


Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

LOVE your mood board...the box pleats on that chair has me at hello! I love the fact that you have big, medium, and small projects. Good for you...and here is to hoping you accomplish them and more this year.


Leslie said...

The mood board is great and I love your goals. BTW, I am a newcomer and I don't think I have ever "met" anyone with two sets of twins. Wow! Props to you.

Linda @ It All Started with Paint said...


Those sound like reasonable goals ... though that broken leg will certainly prove challening.

I also wanted to let you know about an "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge that I launched this week with 5 other blog friends ... it starts now and all culminates in a multi-blog Jan 31 linky party. You can read more about it here ...


While Rome wasn't built in a day, perhaps you can tackle a smaller project to contribute. One that doesn't require you to be vertical, that is ...


Unknown said...

You have a nice place with a lovely family photo. :)

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Amy said...

Your inspiration board is gorgeous! Such calm, relaxing colors and textures. Wishing you luck on your goals for 2012!

Keeping My Cents said...

I love your dress. Can I ask where you got it? I love stripes but am really short and never seem to like outfits that have vertical stripes.

Good luck with your house plans...love the chair and the pillows.

Unknown said...

Thank you! The dress is from Lands End Canvas...I think I wore it every other day last summer it is so comfortable!