Embroidery Hoops...who knew?

I am loving all of the creative uses of embroidery hoops I am seeing lately.  The image  above is a great solution for using up scrap material you have laying around and I especially love the idea of using them in places where little ones could get their hands on the, like above a crib.

 Or how about using several shapes above a desk as bulletin boards?

I love these for entertaining...the best thing is you could reuse them for any occasion just by changing out the ribbon.

And in a more traditional sense of embroidery, I came across an article about this cute Etsy shop September House.

My favorite are these little dresses...the pattern is for a 3 inch hoop which would be perfect for a litle girls' Christmas tree....I have no idea how to embroider, but these are so cute I might try to learn!


Laura said...

These are so cute! Especially love the ones that you can write on!