Children's Rooms

When the little girls were born and our family doubled in size, we did a lot of switching of rooms to better accommodate everyone. 

Brian loves orange, for Tennessee Vols of course, and wanted an orange room, so we compromised by using it with more neutral colors to keep it toned down.

We recently separated his bunk beds to twin beds and everyone is much happier....changing the sheets on bunk beds is torture.

 Anna Cate's room came together thanks to a friend who was in the process of updating her daughter's bedding from young girl to preteen. 

This area is definitely AC's favorite.  I used this Hoosier cabinet, given to us by my mother when we got married,  to create a desk/ art area. 

Lyla James and Mary Connor's nursery...a very talented friend painted their monograms above the cribs.  One thing I have learned with 2 sets of twins is that it's better to not have anything removable hanging over their beds!

A collection of favorite things-  oil painting done by T's late great aunt, newborn pictures, lamps my very patient mother stalked while I was on bed rest.


Lisa said...

Gorgeous room! Wow, you really have your hands full with children! :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love all the rooms! LOVE the orange chair...great way to incorporate orange in the room! Love the cabinet with art supplies and love the cribs! Can you tell I Love this post?? :)

Caitlin said...

So pretty. I particulary like AC's room. Every girl's dream for sure!