Catching Up and Summer Kick Off

For memory's sake (my own especially, since it's touch and go lately), I wanted to do a quick post of the happenings with the kiddos these days.
We had our last 1st grade field trip to the Children's Museum and the little girls enjoyed it just as much as the big kids.
 AC's spring soccer wrapped with their team, mainly 7 and 8 year olds, playing in the 10 year old girls' tournament and tying in both games...they were great! 
Reason 10,999 my husband is my hero: when he sees that I am burning the candle at both ends and need a break, he arranges for a much needed long weekend at the beach.
This picture sums up our crew so well these days...the big kids deep into a project,  LJ practicing somersaults, MC enthralled with her shadow....
Lollipops and a movie made the drive home much more enjoyable for all
We got home just in time to collapse into bed and make it to school today for awards and the last day of 1st grade!
We celebrated the kick- off of summer with s'mores and firefly catching after dinner tonight
Poor MC was able to enjoy her treat despite a hornet sting right above her eye...
Bring on summer!


Unknown said...

Your beach getaway looks like such fun. I'm looking forward to one day being able to get to the beach again. For now it's still so busy, plus we're busy saving for a mini-van. *sigh* Anyway, thanks for sharing, those are certainly precious memories you are creating.

Sam I Am said...

That looos like you guys are all ready for summer! The beach trip looked great!