Window Boxes

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!  The little sweets and Todd planned a perfect day and made me even more thankful to have this sweet family.
My gift was just what I wanted....Todd made window boxes for either side of the front door!  Since we had our house painted a few weeks ago, I have been pricing window boxes.  The price tag was pretty hefty since the windows are an unusual size and the boxes would have to be custom made.

  I love them and couldn't have asked for a better gift!


Jenny said...

I love the character that window boxes add to a home. We had them at our old house, and I miss them (especially since the new owners don't even DO anything with them!). It's on my to do list for the new house. :-). Yours look great, and I love the color and charm of your home. I think I have the same urns outside of my home. ;-)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift!! Looks great!

Jen said...

They are so beautiful!
I love the look of window boxes!

Vanessa Dawne said...

Love your flower boxes, Michelle. I've been slowly filling our porch with stained glass windowa. Recently we put in similar boxes & I'm amazed at how polished the windows look now!
Ours are seeded, so we're still waiting for flowers but yours look gorgeous.

Hope you enjoy your window boxes as much I enjoy mine!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love your house and the gray and white is stunning. The black window boxes are perfect. Gorgeous house. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Maria said...

It looks like I am going to have hours of entertainment reading through your blog from start to finish. What a stylish home you have! Window boxes are a must. They bring so much color and charm to any home. Your railing, shutters and house color are fabulous too.