Baby Report

I had an appointment with the perinatologist today and one with my regular OB yesterday. Both babies look great and all seems well.
Baby A : 1lb 14oz
Baby B : 1lb 15oz
The only concern is Baby B's umbilical cord has a single artery instead of two. After looking at her, heart, brain, and kidneys, it seems everything is fine, but they will continue to moniter her. Right now she is measuring 1oz bigger- yeah! I also had my glucose test yesterday, but haven't gotten the results back. Hopefully I will soon so I can resume my daily sweet tea from Chik-Fil A....I bet they miss seeing me!!
We got some adorable ultrasound pictures but my printer/scanner is having an issue, so I'll have to wait to put those up.
We have moved Anna Cate in Brian's room and they love it! I guess because they have always slept together anyway, it's an easy transition. Work is progressing in the nursery....slowly but surely.