Today has been a momentous day in our house- we have our first bone break and cast. After swim class yesterday, we met up with some friends at the playground. Instead of coming down the slide the normal way, Anna Cate attempted to come down on the little side lip. She fell off but seemed ok. We met Todd for dinner, came home, did our nightly bedtime routine and she seemed fine. Fast forward to 12a.m. this morning- She came in our room upset and tripped over Max who was sprawled out at the foot of the bed. She caught herself with her already hurt arm- ouch! So, this morning our wonderful pediatrician got us right in and sent us straight to the orthopedists. Both bones at the wrist are cracked, so she is in a cast for 4 weeks. I was shocked by how far casts how come- every color in the rainbow and they even have waterproof. I am amazed by my girl's great attitude and wonderful spirit. She embraced the whole experience as a wonderful adventure. Hopefully this will be the last broken bone in our family, but if these next little girls are like their big sister, I somehow doubt it!

As you can she, she hasn't missed a beat!