Pre-K Graduation

Yesterday was Anna Cate and Brian's last day of Pre- K. I woke up teary and it just got worse as the day progressed. Not to mention, we arrived at the program thinking I had everything: camera, video camera, teacher's gifts. Well, the camera wasn't charged and the video camera only had one disc with a few minutes on it....then the tears really started! So, the pictures I'll post are from last Thursday, when we celebrated Anna Cate and Brian's pretend birthdays at their school.

Brian won the "Most Humble Spirit" award in his class.

Anna Cate won the "Most Helpful Spirit" award in her class.

The whole school performed in a circus that was just adorable. We have finally decided on a school for the children next year. It will be so wonderful for them and I know they will thrive , but I'm very sad to be leaving our sweet pre-school!