Mother's Day Weekend

We started out the weekend by celebrating Samuel's 6th birthday with him Friday afternoon. As seems to be our custom lately, Anna Cate took a huge spill over the side of an inflatable bounce house. Very frightening, but she was fine after a few minutes.

Friday night we went to an outdoor concert with lots of great friends. The kids had a blast dancing with their glow sticks!

Sunday morning the kids and Todd let me sleep in until....8a.m. I can't think of the last time that happened and with these 2 on the way, I imagine it will be a while before it happens again. The kids made gifts for me in their classes. Brian drew a picture of me and him with flowers around us. This is so special because Brian isn't a huge fan of coloring or drawing. Anna Cate made a picture frame that holds a picture of her with one of the butterflies her class raised over the spring. It is exciting and strange to imagine that we will have 2 more precious little ones with us at this time next year. I can't wait!!