100 Days

Today was the 100th day of school for Anna Cate and Brian.  To mark the day, our school had each child bring 100 items, made trail mix with 100 items of food, and the kids were to dress as they will when they are 100 years old.

Anna Cate had been planning her costume for weeks.  She wanted to dress like an old queen.  Really, she has been looking for an opportunity to wear her Halloween costume to school.  Part of her vision included make-up to look like "those lines adults have on their faces," but unfortunately her momma crushed her creative juices because it just wasn't that kind of morning in our house.
Brian, on the other hand, took the task very literally.  "I don't know what I will dress like when I'm 100 because I'm not 100."  Daddy came to the rescue and put something together.....that's fair since he is the closest to being 100, according to Brian.


Nancy Sims said...

This is great, Todd. Sooooooooooo creative. The children are awesome!

Meredith said...

They look soo cute! I love 100 day!

michelle said...

Isn't that fun? They loved it!