A First

Today was the first day we took the babies to the nursery at church.  They did pretty well considering it was their first time.  I ran in to check on them after Sunday school and laughed because Mary Connor was snoozing away while being rocked and three women were trying to keep Lyla James happy by doing the bounce walk up and down the hallway and then they put her in the highchair and rolled her back and forth.  Finally, she went to sleep too!
They were in good company in the nursery- 6 babies total, 2 of which are another set of twins 1 month younger than the girls.  Can you imagine what that will be like at this time next year?  I'm so thankful for all of the willing hands at our church!

While driving home from a birthday party this afternoon, a song came on the radio and the lyrics were something about a girl referring to herself as stupid.  I turned the radio off and Brian said, "Why would she call herself stupid?"  I was a little bit lost for words because, well I guess there are many reasons we think of ourselves as "stupid" and not all are suitable for 6-year-old ears.   I said something to the effect that it's important to hold yourself in a high regard because you are God's creation and you show other people how to treat you with the way you treat yourself.  Anna Cate thought about that for a minute and said, "Did you read that in the Bible or a parents book?"  Wow, she is REALLY paying attention.