6 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor, y'all are 6 months old today!

You girls are so much fun!  You both laugh, squeal, and chatter all of the time....especially to each other.

Both of you are sitting up with very little assistance and rolling around like crazy.  Lyla James, you don't really like being on your tummy, so you scoot around on your back!

You all love your exersaucers and get so tickled watching each other jump.

We have tried a variety of solids and both of you seem to love it all.  This morning we tried mashed avocado with banana and oatmeal...a big hit!

You all are on a great 3 hour schedule of play/eat/sleep and then go to bed for the night between 6:30-7.  Sometimes one or both of you wake up around 3a.m. to eat, but usually you go until 5a.m....this makes your parents very happy!

I'm afraid you all might be a tiny bit spoiled since your older brother and sister run to you any time you start to cry.  You both adore them and just sit and stare at every move they make.

It seems impossible tht at this time last year, I was put on bedrest (for the first time).  We are so blessed to have you both in our family and love every minute.


Unknown said...

Todd, Your children are all so adorable.... I know you and your wife are so proud of them...So happy you have such a wonderful family...:)