Alma Mater

This week's topic for Show Us Your Life Friday's at Kelly's Korner is show us your alma mater.

Following in the footsteps of my parents and older sister, I attended Middle Tennessee State University in Mufreesboro, Tennessee. Todd and I met there, at an intermural football game.  I think it's so neat that my parents, Todd's parents, and Todd and I started dating while at MTSU.
It has grown like crazy since we were students and every time we have visited I'm amazed at how different the campus looks.  Such great memories!


Nicki said...

I found you through Kelly's Korner! I am from somewhere very close to MTSU... most of my graduating class went there! Anyway, I also noticed you have an Anna Cate too! I spell my daughter's Anna-Kate and we gave her a middle name just to complicate it!

Heather Allen said...

I graduated from MT as well! I found you through Kelly!

Katie@Yoga Gal said...

Is this Michelle from Winchester? If so, this is Katie- we went to high school together! I cannot believe that I found your blog through Kelly's Korner, what a small world. :) Your twins are absolutely adorable!

Unknown said...

Nicki- it is a small world! Love that you are also blessed with an Anna K(C)ate!

Heather Allen- your blog is beautiful!

Katie- it is so good to see you are doing well!