One Week Old

Lyla James and Mary Connor, you are one week old today!

The cute decorations Miss Kathleen made for y'all on Friday...we didn't know we wouldn't be coming home until Saturday, but they were so precious anyway!

You both have changed so much this week! Both of you love your swings and are becoming a little bit more fond of the bouncy seats.

Mary Connor

  • You have outgrown your preemie diapers and outfits (except for the bubbles) You weight is back up to 6lbs. 8 oz.

  • You are a very content baby. You will wake up and just lay quietly observing your surroundings.

Lyla James

You can still wear preemie sizes, but just barely. Your weight is 5lbs 12 oz. I think you must know you are a little smaller because you love to stretch out and make yourself look bigger.

  • Your personality is hilarious.... if you are unhappy, you let us know!


Lani said...

Congrats, they are beautiful!!