Thriving on Chaos

This first week at home has been full of adjustments, but all in all, I'm quite proud of all of us. Granted, we have shed a few tears and spoken a little sharply to each other during the 3am feeding, but things have come together.

Anna Cate and Brian have been dressed and on time to school thanks to my younger sister. She has been with us all week....I can't even think about her leaving.

Yesterday we juggled play practice, phonics meeting at school, dinner, and babies. Amazingly, everyone got to where they needed to be and ate dinner- thank you Meredith for providing that dinner!

Anna Cate and Brian's expressing their feelings about having to wake up "in the dark" for school.

Mary Connor relaxing in her swing...she moves herself to sit like this every time!

Unwinding with Daddy on the zipline after school.