32 Years

Tomorrow marks 32 years I have been on this Earth. As I sit in this hospital room tonight, I am so thankful for the life I am living and can't wait to see what lies ahead. I feel so loved and supported by my friends and family. I feel content and blessed to be a mother and a wife and hope I learn to be better at both of these roles.

Two years ago at my 30th birthday party, I remember having a conversation with a group of friends about what I was going to do in my 30's. The details of the conversation are a little cloudy, but I feel certain I wasn't imagining being here awaiting the arrival of two sweet sisters for Anna Cate and Brian.


Kimberly said...

happy birthday!

Annie said...

Happy birthday!! I love reading the blog and hearing how the family is doing. Hope your last bit of time in bedrest isn't too frustrating, and I can't wait to meet the two new additions to the Crocketts!!

KW said...

Michelle - Happy Birthday!!! Ditto to everything Annie said above, and take care of yourself - it's gotta be frustrating being on bed rest, but it's almost over! Have a big slice of cake for me. Much love.


Unknown said...

Thank you all! Believe it or not, I've had a great day!