Our Little Actress

Back in the spring, Anna Cate came home from school asking if she could audition for a part in Peter Pan with our local Little Theatre. Todd and I both believe if the children show interest in an activity or sport, we want to make it possible for them to explore it. After a little research, I found out the play would be held mid-August....right in the midst of school starting and our precious additions making their debut. In the end, Todd and I decided life is going to have to go on around these babies, so Anna Cate tried out. Brian decided he too would audition, but only if he could play the part of Peter Pan....the biggest role of the whole production! When told that part would be for a middle school boy, he had no interest in trying out!

Anna Cate walked right up, got a number, had her head-shot made, and went to sit with the other children in the front of the theatre without ever looking back. When her number was called, she calmly walked on stage, sang her song, and later read script with a group. I was, of course, so proud of her, but also filled with admiration at her confidence. A few days later, we found out she was cast as a fairy.

Practices started in May...3 times a week for several hours. A huge committment for all involved, ahem, but Anna Cate has really enjoyed it. As "showtime" approaches, her excitement is building and she was thrilled with this picture in our local newspaper.....she has told us all many times that she is famous!