10 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor, y'all are 10 months old!

I had great plans to get pictures of you all at the beach for this post, but unfortunately my camera battery died before that could happen. 

I know I say it every month, but I can not believe y'all are already 10 months old!  

 Lyla James, you are a momma's girl and would prefer that I hold you every minute.  You say momma all the time and I love it!  You love to read your books and swing.  I think you might be slightly addicted to puffs...the minute you see the container, you start clapping your hands and laughing!
 You aren't crawling yet and I think it's because you are so long and you are able to reach things by lunging and grabbing from MC!
 Thinking about it.....
Got it! 
Your facial expressions are hilarious and you continue to be the spitting image of your Daddy.

Mary Connor, when we found out we were having 2 girls, I prayed that one would be layed back and easy going.  You seem to be the answer to that prayer!
Most of my pictures of you look like this because you can crawl faster than any baby I've ever seen.  You love going into your big brother and sister's rooms and explore.
You started saying "na-na" a few days ago and now say it over and over when you see a banana.  You are pulling up on everything and starting to "cruise."

You both are the sweetest girls and I love watching you grow!