1. After taking MC to the peds Fiday and being diagnosed with an ear infection, we went back today with all 4 kiddos having fever, sore throats and congestion.....the diagnosis is viral should clear out in the next 24 hours.....you just have not lived until you have taken 2 -6 year olds and 2-9month olds to the peds office alone
  2. Yesterday was the kick off for our library's summer reading program.  They do such a great job with prizes, activities...we met up with friends to watch a local martial arts school perform....thank you, God, for great friends who jump in to help when I am crazy enough to take 2- 6 year olds and 2-9 month olds to the library alone....J- if your children get the aforementioned virus, I am SO sorry and I will deliver Starbucks.
  3. To end on a happy note, it is hot as blazes here already (not such a happy) and that means "cold suppers."  If you don't live in the South, this might be an unfamiliar term, but it basically means it is too hot to eat anything remotely hot.  We love to grill (and not heat up the kitchen), but sometimes..like when it's 97 degrees, you need a cold supper.  Chicken salad and tuna salad are all good options, but we tried something new tonight....salad bar night- cold grilled chicken (aka leftovers), hardboiled eggs, chopped avocado, chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, artichoke hearts,cheese, bell pepper, green onion, crumbled cooked bacon, lettuce, spinach, you get the idea.  The kids loved building their own salads and I loved how easy it was.  Definitely something we will do each week this summer.
Supper in your eyelashes=  loved