This is what Roseola looks like....

Lyla James woke up from her nap yesterday with a rash all over her head and chest.  By this morning, it was also covering her back, arms, and bottom.  She has been running a little bit of a fever and she has been a little fussy, but nothing major. 

It always makes me uncomfortable when people say to me, "At least you know what your doing since you've had twins before," because usually I don't feel like I know what I'm doing at all.  But in this case, experience was beneficial.

When AC and B were right around 10 months, my Dad and I flew to New York with both babies and I kid you not, as soon as we were in the air, AC broke out in this horrible rash and screamed for the next 2 hours.  I absolutely panicked thinking she was reacting to something in the recirculated air of the plane.  A few days after we arrived, Brian started running a temperature that climbed to 105 degrees.  1 Emergency Room visit and 2 pediatrician visits later, it was decided they had Roseola. 

So, I was pretty sure that was what it was...that rash is hard to forget.  Back to the peds office we went and yes, it's Roseola.  The good news is when the rash appears, the virus has pretty much run it's course.  The bad news is it highly contagious for other babies....so now we wait and see if MC is next.


Anonymous said...

Awww, poor sweetheart. I hope she gets well very soon.

CJ xx

Katie@Yoga Gal said...

Poor little munchkin! I can't believe that you were in NYC with two sick babies- yikes!!! I don't know if I could stay cool, calm, and collected in that scenario. Poor Michelle!