What I'm Loving Wednesday....

We have had a really good day today.  I took all 4 kiddos to the pool, forgot the baby floats, but we survived and hung out just in time to get home for afternnon naps for the little ones and quiet time (reading in their rooms) for the big ones while I frantically ran errands all over town....don't worry, T's office is in our home!
I'm linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday

1.  I love that my oldest chick thinks nothing of swooping up a hungry baby and giving her a bottle since my hands were full feeding MC.

She is such an excellent big sister and yes, that would be a  t.v. induced trance on her face..

2.  I'm loving the fact that our little garden is starting to produce.  We have tiny squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and bell peppers- can't wait to pick them!

3.  I'm loving the bond between AC and B.  Just when I think the fussing and fighting is going to drive me totally nuts, they go and do something like they did this evening.  AC has been working and working on losing her second top front tooth.  When I was cooking dinner tonight, they both ran in the kitchen and AC was screaming, "Brian is my hero!"  He pulled her tooth for her...that is a great brother!

Looks like the tooth fairy will be paying a visit to our house tonight!!
Happy Wednesday!


jessica said...

aw i love the picture of your daughter. what a wonderful little helper!

Unknown said...

Thank you and yes, she is an excellent helper...keeps me on my toes!