We went to my parents' this weekend
to celebrate the engagement of this sweet couple....

my cousin, Rachel, and her fiance, Wes.
Aren't they adorable?
  It was so fun to meet Wes's parents and we are excited to have them join our family!

Rachel, her maid-of-honor, my sister, Lauren, and  Krista.
  Lark Events, Lauren and Krist's event planning business, did such a beautiful job!

Rachel, me, and the baby of our family, Brad. 
Brad and Lauren's husband, Richard.

 Uncle Brad is loved by these boys, especially when he introduces them to the finer things in life like whipped cream sprayed directly in your mouth!

 The babies enjoyed their first "cousin adventure"....quite the line up

Lyla James lover her "La La"

Such a fun weekend!....

despite the fact that I came home looking like I had gone a few rounds in the boxing ring and lost.
Lyla James woke up Sunday morning at 3am screaming bloody murder.  I went running acrooss the room in the dark, tripped over a chair, and was airborne until my face unfortunately met a table.  Black eye, large gashes down my face, and carpet burn on the other side of my face....all in a day's work. 
 It's a good thing I love my job!


Katie @ Yoga Gal said...

Oh no! I hope that your face feels better soon. That sounds incredibly painful.

Lynn said...

Love the blog and fun pictures, Michelle. Thank you for your sweet comments. We had a blast with your family!