Happy Mother's Day

I'm so thankful for my Mom and all the patience, wisdom, and unconditional love she has given me and my family.
I'm also thankful for my Mother-In Law for raising such a Godly man and loving our family..

I know this day can be a hard one for those who long to be a mother, know that you are being prayed for!

My sweet family planned the best day ever: an afternoon at the farmer's market

 fresh flowers, custom hula hoops for all, fresh tamales and salsa, goat cheese straight from the farm, and homemade icecream.....

NOT happy that they were left out of the homemade icecream stop-
 we may have given them a tiny spoonful

I was also given a coupon booklet full of great treats....1 week of coooking, 1 week of  cleaning, 1 dinner date with B, 1 spa day with AC, 1 week-end getaway with T, 1 carwash by my favorite guys, 1 morning of sleeping late..I can't imagine a better gift other than getting to do my God-given job every day!