A Meaningful Lesson

Today was yardsale day!  We got rid of lots of stuff and what didn't sell will be picked up by Habitat for Humanity next week. 

But the big story is about these sweet girls!

AC and her cousin decided they would have a lemonade and cookie sale during the yard sale to benefit the people who were affected by the tornadoes last week.  Todd and I thought that was a great idea and helped gather the supplies.  When I got to our school for lunch yesterday, AC informed me she had already pre-sold 3 dozen cookies......back to the store I went!

Unfortunately, this is the best shot I got!  They woke up bright and early to set up their table and make the lemonade.

We took the girls to the Disaster Recovery Center this afternoon.

The girls presenting our county's EMA Director with the $50.50 they raised.  He took so much time and talked with the girls about how much their efforts would benefit the families affected by the tornadoes, to which AC replied, "Lots of people we know were -defected-by the tornadoes." 

The girls with our county's 211 Director.  When we were leaving the girls asked for his autograph....I think he was quite flattered!

After spending the rest of the afternoon playing in the water fountains by the river, the girls got a call from a newspaper reporter for our local paper. 

Oh my, their faces!

She wanted to interview them and hear the whole story.....I"m sure she wasn't prepared for the speeches she received.

I love and am so thankful to live in a community that is so enouraging of these girls giving hearts!