I can't even comprehend the damage from the storms that came through the South this past week.  We are fine and have no damage to speak of, but we did lose power Wednesday night and just got it back late last night.  While certainly an inconvenience, it is nothing after seeing the pictures and hearing stories of friends in Alabama.  Know that we are praying like crazy for all of you!
A tornado hit in our town early Wednesday morning just after the kids got to school.  My first reaction was to run to the school and get the kids, but after getting emails from their teachers saying they were in the basement and safe we decided they were likely safer there than at home since we don't have a basement.  That is a very unsettling feeling as a parent and a true test in faith. 
My heart is so heavy for all of the people who have lost their loved ones and homes.
If you would like to help, here are a couple of options:

Floyd County EMA- at the former home of Rome Floyd Parks and Recreation offices on West Third Street. The number is 706-291-5144. Immediate needs for donating are bottled water, tarps, construction garbage bags, work gloves, masks.  No clothing donations are allowed.

The Red Cross